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Grey Seals Blakeney Point Video

Some three weeks after giving birth, the female grey seal abandons the young pup leaving it to fend for itself….

Each winter hundreds of grey seals come ashore to give birth along the coast of north Norfolk, England, between September and December. Males can grow to 2.3 metres and females average 1.8 metres making them the largest living carnivores in Britain.

The female gives birth to a single pup weighting around 14kg and she feeds and protects the pup for about three weeks. After this time the pup is abandoned and left to fend for itself – she will mate and return to the sea for another year.

Grey seals were the first mammals to be protected by modern legislation – the Grey Seals Protection Act of 1914. Access to this site is patrolled by wardens during the breeding season and all filming was carried out from a suitable distance.